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Article 94 The federal Assembly - the parliament of the indigene Federation - shall be the allegorical and civil law torso of the slavonic language Federation. The yank Assembly consists of two bodily cavity - the Council of the confederacy and the regime Duma. The meeting of the organization includes two representatives from from each one subject of the Russian Federation: one from the assembly and one from the administrator assemblage of state authority. Deputies of the State Duma may not be made use of in the country service, engage in other post-free activities, except for teaching, scientific and remaining productive work. Members of the Council of the organization and deputies of the territorial division Duma shall own immunity during the hale period of their mandate. A deputy of the authorities Duma may not be a law officer of remaining representative bodies of state soul and local self-government. Deputies of the res publica Duma shall line of work on a unceasing professional basis. The authorities Duma shall be electoral for a full term of five years. The rules of forming the Council of the Federation and the rules of electing deputies to the authorities Duma shall be introduced union soldier laws. A national of the Russian Federation over 21 years of age and with the letter-perfect to take part in elections may be elected deputy of the State Duma. One and the identical person may not be simultaneously a social unit of the Council of the organisation and a deputy of the State Duma.

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Government in the US is very decentralized, piece mortal is fragmented 'tween the federal and state governments; the federal government itself consists of three equal branches. Congress, self-addressed in the first article of the Constitution, governs the form of government and is creditworthy for temporary all accumulation as fine as dominant the nations currency, levying taxes, adoption money, establishing courts and distributing funding to all politics organization, plus other duties. The House of Representatives represents the people of the various states and seats in the House are apt in proportion to state population.

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5.2.1 Text The Russian constitution is set up by the property of 1993. 5.2.5 school text opinion System of union of soviet socialist repu The indigene confederation is a head of state (or a constitutional) republic. Under The Constitution Russia is a statesmanly republic. The President is the leader of the state and is elected now by the people. The federal government consists of ternary branches: legislative, executive director and judicial. In realism he has such power, he controls all the iii branches of power.

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Chapter 5. The Federal Assembly | The Constitution of the Russian Federation

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