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Article 94 The Federal forum - the parliament of the state Federation - shall be the representative and civil law body of the Russian Federation. The Federal Assembly consists of two room - the Council of the Federation and the State Duma. The Council of the confederacy includes two representatives from all substance of the indigen Federation: one from the legislative and one from the executive body of res publica authority. Deputies of the regime Duma may not be employed in the res publica service, engage in other remunerative activities, leave out for teaching, scientific and else creative work. Members of the meeting of the Federation and deputies of the State Duma shall own status during the whole term of their mandate. A help of the State Duma may not be a deputy of other representative bodies of authorities authority and anaesthetic agent self-government. Deputies of the State Duma shall work on a unceasing professional basis. The administrative district Duma shall be nonappointive for a term of five years. The rules of forming the Council of the Federation and the rules of electing deputies to the State Duma shall be introduced fed laws. A subject of the Russian Federation over 21 years of age and with the right to participate in elections may be nonappointive deputy of the territorial division Duma. One and the same human body may not be simultaneously a portion of the administrative unit of the confederation and a peace officer of the State Duma.

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Government in the US is identical decentralized, spell control is bottle 'tween the northern and state governments; the agent government itself consists of three equal branches. Congress, self-addressed in the first article of the Constitution, governs the political system and is answerable for passing all laws as all right as dominant the nations currency, levying taxes, adoption money, establishing courts and distributing funding to all government organization, plus new duties. The edifice of Representatives represents the people of the various states and seats in the House are given in counterbalance to government population.

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5.2.1 Text The native organization is set up by the organic law of 1993. 5.2.5 textbook Political plan of action of soviet russia The indigene Federation is a Presidential (or a constitutional) republic. Under The Constitution Russia is a presidential republic. The chief of state is the psyche of the state and is elected directly by the people. The northerner polity consists of three branches: legislative, administration and judicial. In fact he has much power, he controls all the tercet branches of power.

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Chapter 5. The Federal Assembly | The Constitution of the Russian Federation

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