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H-Games as a whole #1005asking for it edition Welcome, this general is for the discussion of 2D/3D H-Games, Eroge, and Nukige. Some popular games alike Rance/Alicesoft (Veeky Forumscatalog#s=haniho/), Monster Girl tag (Veeky Forumscatalog#s=mggg/), Honey Select (/h/catalog#s=select/), CM3D2 (/h/catalog#s=hcmg/), and Artificial Academy 2 (Veeky Forumscatalog#s=aa2g/) feature their own generals already, so please office about them there instead! Likewise, consider taking discussion of RPGs and ACTs to Veeky Forumscatalog#s=hgg2d/. I went hunting in the few places I know of but couldn't brainwave it and searching chirrup has become hard since thing has changed and the investigating doesn't work anymore.

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